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"You heard of the stories of the shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown CT, and I am the father of one of the children, and a husband of one of the teachers, I stand day later heart broken. The house is empty, yet I hear their voices....I hear them over and over again. They won't stop...telling me to come with them. I cried the whole night, not getting any sleep, the voices in my head getting louder, and my throat starting to close. I can barley breath now. I am writing this letter now to tell you all where I will be for now on. I'm not a coward, I am following my family that I cannot live without. As I put the gun to my head, I say my prayers and say 'I'm coming home'..." -Me.

These stories of the dark monsters of humanity make me sick. These people get off from prison because they are mentally ill. They need to be put down because of it. They are dangerous but people will never understand. It will happen, until we all crash.

I pray for all the people, that have went through the heart breaks and bad news from the evil and monstrous people of the world.

String them up.
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December 14, 2012
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